Wanderer is the name of both a planned series of short films and the first short film in the series. The series is written, directed and edited by Cosmo.


The Wanderer series takes place some time after a devestating war decimates most of the world, leaving only a few human survivors and turning many creatures into mutants. The films follow survivors as they attempt to eke out in an existence in the post-war world.

Dust to DustEdit

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The first film in the series is entitled Dust to Dust and follows three male survivors as they search for food. During their search they are attacked by a mutant and are forced to move on to another location. This film was originally made in 2009, but was remade in 2010.

Planned SeriesEdit

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Cosmo has planned to expand Wanderer into a series of films. Each film in the series would focus on the story of a different survivor or group of survivors. The second film, Mr. No Name, is currently in the scripting stages and is planned for shooting in January 2011.