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The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper is one of the main characters in Greatest Duel Ever, protrayed by Patrick Bucior, who is white.

Skills and TraitsEdit

Appropriately, the Timekeeper seems to have an obsession with time. He wears three watches on his left arm and keeps track of time down to seconds, and is referred to by the Bladebearer as 'the one who obsesses over time.' He uses a broadsword in battle and appears to be a capable fighter.


Very little is known, if anything, about the Timekeeper's background. It can be safely presumed that he received some sort of training with swords before the events of Greatest Duel Ever. The Timekeeper first appears in Part 4. He calls Evz after he has slain the Wrong Man in Part 3. After meeting up with Evz at a mall, the pair is ambushed by a Man Wearing a Mask. After a fierce battle they decide to train under the mysterious Bladebearer before taking on the Collective. After training for one year, they emerge to find out that the Collective has taken control of the City.


The Timekeeper appears in Greatest Duel Ever Parts 4, 5, and 6. He is protrayed by Patrick in all of his film appearances.