One damn spooky wall.

The Haunting in Suffield is a short film, and the first of two Halloween specials released in 2010 by CGSP. It stars Cosmo, Evan, Nicole, New Evan, and Allyson. Steve, Cory, and Shannon were in charge of creating scare effects.


Cosmo, Evan, Nicole, New Evan and Allyson have all been double-dog dared by Billy to spend Halloween night in a particularly spooky old house in the neighborhood. They hear some weird noises as they enter, but pass it off as Billy tricking them. As the noises get weirder and louder, they eventually head upstairs where they find the most horrifying thing imaginable.


  • The episode was filmed on the same day as Douche With A Labcoat 2 and features the same cast.
  • The cast members all knew what was actually happening throughout the filming, but by the end they were all actually were becoming terrified because of the fact that the film wasn't scripted and the noises were improved on the spot.
  • The high-pitched howling was created by Keytar.


The Haunting was released on YouTube on October 9th, 2010, as part of the Halloween Special.