The Douche doing what he does best.

Dr. Elmer 'Elmo' Proctor, or more widely known as The Douche, is a central character in the Douche With A Labcoat series. He is the main antagonist of the series, and is portrayed by Cory.

Skills and TraitsEdit

A member of a fictional household of friends, The Douche often targets his co-eds and does a disruptive and/or annoying act to the person with the intent of upsetting them. While in the first film he primarily targeted Steve, in the later installments a wider cast is subjected to his antics. Common tactics he employs usually include disrupting video games, giving spoilers, causing bodily harm to victims, and intruding on musical performances. He has been noted to commonly use bananas and wallets to assault his targets. He poses as a doctor and a social worker during the series, but it is unlikely that he has formal training in either field.


The Douche appears in each film in the Douche With a Lab Coat series. Appropriately he always a lab coat, TMNT T-shirt, and sunglasses. His power of full douchebaggary is initiated when he puts on the sunglasses. His unofficial catchphrase is the rapid saying of 'lol'.

The Douche appears in his secular role as the doctor in Interview With A Vampire.