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Yes, he does look like this in real life. Every day.

This article is about Steve Salter. You might be looking for Steve with a 'ph'.

Steve Salter is a frequent collaborator with CGSP, both as an actor and through his own company SaltyWorks Productions Ltd. Along with assisting and acting in various videos, Steve also is co-producer and active member of the CGSP subsidiary ClockWork: T-Rex, and plays keyboards as well as sequences drum loops and edits recordings.

He is the (overly) proud owner of Keytar. He is the older brother of Tyler.


The Dead River: Himself

Douche With A Labcoat Series: Himself

The Haunting in Suffield: Ghost

Interview With A Vampire: Kevin

Badass: Henchman

Greatest Duel Ever Part 6: Khameleon


HTC (I Luv U Corey Ostrout Foreva): Keyboards, Drum loops, Editing/Arranging