Quest to save the Internet was the first CGSP role playing video game about a lone hero saving the internets from destruction. While the concept never finished completion, it might have been part of inspiration for the Greatest Duel Ever series, and to a greater extent, Quest to Save IRL.


In part 1, you start off as Evan in the forum village. Here, there are natives such as Sniper (Andrew Pogg), Mantamarine (Josh Guzzi, a man who owns an airship), Snow (Shannon, a red haired girl whose house is full of snow), and Wolf (Rob Logan, a Furry that owns the local tavern). There was also Seth, who wandered around aimlessly in his own little patch of land.

Evan takes the airship to the mainland, where he hears some bad stuff is going down. It appears that a hacker, known as Shadow, has attacked a few villages on the mainland. Without hearing anymore, Evan sets off with Khold (Patrick Bucior) to find this monster, and goes on a long quest through the internet to fight hacking programs and ultimately defeat Shadow.