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Left to Right: Cory, Cosmo, Ian, and Evan's rape face.

Pigeons Are Everywhere is an improv musical group composed of Cosmo, Cory, Evan, and Ian. Their work features nonsensual lyrics, group harmonies, and instrumental work produced with a ukulele, tabletop, and pen drumming.


The idea for the group started with Cory, Evan, and Ian going on a trip up to Boston to visit Cosmo. Steve was originally going to accompany the group on the way up, however in the end he wasn't able to go on the trip. As a way to give a shout-out to Steve who was at home, the four recorded a video of them performing a little improv song based around a chord progression played by Cosmo on his ukulele. The video turned out to be so funny that the four decided to record more songs to release them publicly.



  • The band's name is in reference to the surplus of pigeons found within the surroundings of Cosmo's dorm in Boston.
  • Homeless Weatherman is a biographical song referencing a meteorologically-inclined homeless man that the group had encountered in the city.
  • Brown October, sung by Ian, was partly inspired from a comment made by Ian when Cosmo had to go relieve himself.
  • Cory will indeed kick your ass if you call him a caveman.
  • Evan O'Connor references the Nickelodeon cartoon Invader Zim with claiming that Cory had injured his 'squiddily-spooch'.