Save IRL

Evan asks Cosmo about the strange world he finds himself in.

Let's Play: Quest to Save IRL is a mock video game play-through video created by Cosmo and starring Evan. The video depicts Evan living in an RPG and interacting with various friends and items as he tries figuring out why he is in the game. The film is partially-inspired by a previous project by CGSP, known as Quest to Save the Internet.


Evan wakes up to find himself mysteriously laying in the middle of Comso's driveway. After exploring the environment for a while, he finds his brother Ian. After Evan asks why he can only communicate through text, Ian explains that everyone has been wondering the same, and that Evan should go talk to Cosmo about it. Evan meets with Cosmo, who explains that an answer might be found in the backyard. For protection, Evan fetches a wooden sword from Cosmo's garage. After returning, Cosmo suggests that they should have a training battle to level up Evan's strength. After the fight, Evan levels up and goes off to explore the backyard.


Evan O'Connor - Himself

Cosmo Lynch - Himself

Ian O'Connor - Himself

Steve Salter - 'B' Camera Operator


  • The film parodies many aspects of typical RPG/videogame clichés, such as characters speaking through text and limited movement animations.
  • At least one sequel is planned, and filming and release of the following films is to be announced.
  • CosmoCam Mark III makes its debut in this film.
  • Three cars drive by in the background through the course of the film.
  • While recording shots for the conversation bits, the actors often mouthed and spoke random phrases; Evan repeatedly mouthed the phrase 'What Are You Talking About?', Cosmo sang a song comprised of gibberish, and Ian mouthed a lecture on what he describes as 'Evan's faggotry'.