Yamaha shs-10

Keytar, relaxing before a white background.

Keytar, born Yamaha SHS-10, is a wearable keyboard that enjoys life and has a well-known presence in the Cosmic Gecko world. Owned by Steve, Keytar often follows his owner wherever he goes, at which he makes his public appearances.


The Haunting in Suffield: Sound effects (not seen on-camera)

Douche With A Labcoat 3: Himself (cameo)

Badass: Himself

The Dead River: Himself (cameo)


HTC (I Luv Corey Ostrout Foreva): Keyboard solo

Secret Agent: KeytarEdit

Secret Agent Keytar

The poster.

Keytar lives a double-life as a secret agent for hire by night, and often times spends his night thwarting the efforts of Sir Lags-a-lot.

Best friends to Macky, the two share a successful music career as well as participating in jam sessions. He is in an open relationship with Casio, and when the two are together they enjoy activities such as casual sex.

Keytar's hobbies include playing Rock Band 3, eating Ritz crackers, watching porn, singing, bending, frequency modulating, exchanging MIDI data, and listening to 'Last Christmas' by the pop group Wham.