Kevin the Vampire.

Interview With A Vampire is a student film created and directed by Cosmo as his submission video to Emerson college. The video follows Kevin, a modern day vampire, going about his daily routines and commenting on his experiences and difficulties from being a vampire.


Chuck Van Helsing (Cosmo) is a filmmaker who is the producer of the documentary/reality series Living As The Undead, a TV show that depicts the daily lives of various members of the supernatural. In this episode, Chuck is documenting the life of Kevin (Steve), a modern-day vampire. After learning of Kevin's backstory, Chuck goes on to follow Kevin and record his activities through the day. While preparing a banana, Kevin accidentally slits his finger, displaying that despite popular belief vampires are vulnerable to weapons such as knives. Meanwhile, Chuck talks to Johan (Patrick) and Lars (Evan), two self-proclaimed 'vampire-hunters'. When Chuck asks about if they have had any real experience with a vampire, Johan confidentially bluffs but Lars admits that they have never made contact. Returning to Kevin, we hear his reaction to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series, claiming that the book's depiction of vampires is highly inaccurate (he goes on to prove that when exposed to light, a true vampire would not 'sparkle' as the book claims). Chuck then interviews Charles (Fred), a wraith who is Kevin's roommate. He explains that their life together is mostly easygoing, despite occasional disputes. Then, after being asked by Chuck, Kevin explains his hardships in harvesting blood from others. Chuck follows Kevin as he tries to hunt down victims at night, and while Kevin initially had some difficulty, he successfully captured another victim (Nicole). After sucking some blood from her, he then applies a Buzz Lightyear Band-Aid to her neck. Chuck then follows Kevin as he is at a doctor's appointment. When Dr. Elmer 'Elmo' Proctor (Cory) asks Kevin about his sexual life, it is then revealed that Kevin had contracted AIDS from the victim he had harvested earlier. The film ends with Chuck revealing to Johan and Lars that there is a vampire within the building, and Johan asks if they could kill it.


Chuck Van Helsing - Cosmo

Kevin the Vampire - Steve

Charles the Wraith - Fred

Johan - Patrick

Lars - Evan

Victim #1 - Shannon

Victim #2 - Nicole

Dr. Elmer 'Elmo' Proctor - Cory


  • The video was made for Cosmo's submission film for his application to Emerson. He got in.
  • Steve's fangs were the result of many wardrobe malfunctions as the adhesive was not strong enough.
  • Two promotional shots were pulled from the film, the first one of Steve as Kevin walking majestically into the sunlight, the second of Steve's fangs accidentally popping out.
  • Kevin is never seen without his pewter wine chalice.