"Pokemon is a mouse shooting electricity out of its ass."

- Ian's summary of Pokemon

Ian O'Connor could possibly be the greatest human on Earth, and is also considered to be one of the most influential avant-garde philosophers in the development of the modern world. He is Evan O'Connor's brother.


Ian's origins are shrouded in mystery. The movie Death Trance is the story of his origin. It is only known that at one point in time he was a bamf swordsman in another universe who ascended after losing in a battle against the Goddess of Death.

While popular history depicts the death of Julius Caesar in 44BC as being caused by conspirators Brutus and Cassius, Ceasar's assasination was actually caused by Ian during his quest to f*** up history using the Retardis.

Ian is the spiritual head of the relious order of Ian O'Connorism.


Greatest Duel Ever 1: Brother

Wanderer: Conrad Hagen

Agent Trollface: Himself

Badass: Masked Villain