Greatest Duel Ever 4 021 0001

The Timekeeper and Evz in GDE: Part 4.

Greatest Duel Ever is a series of short films written, directed and edited by Cosmo and starring Evan and Patrick, among others. It is the longest running series of CGSP films.


The main character, Evz (Evan O'Connor) discovers his brother has been slain by an assassin working for a shadowy organization known only as the Collective. Along the way, he is trained by the Bladebearer and joined by two allies in his quest, the Timekeeper (Patrick Bucior) and the Khameleon (Steve Salter). The events of each episode follow his journey to get revenge for his brother's death.


Currently, the series consists of six episodes:

Part 1: The Man in Black

Part 2: The Torchbearer

Part 3: The Wrong Man

Part 4: The Timekeeper

Part 5: The Bladebearer

Part 6: The Traitor

Remake PlansEdit

Cosmo has recently announced plans to remake the first five episodes in the series, in order to develop the story further and bring the level quality up to the par set by Part 6. Currently the release date or shooting date for any of the remakes is unknown, but they are in the scripting stages.