Finish the Edit

V confronts Cosmo.

Finish the Edit is a short-film written, filmed, and produced by Cosmo and stars himself. The film depicts Cosmo being bothered by a mysterious masked figure as he is trying to work on editing a video.


Cosmo comes home one late afternoon and prepares to work some more on editing a video he is making. Sitting down at the table, he notices his V action figure standing besides his laptop. After an hour of work, Cosmo gets tired of working on the edit and begins web surfing. To Cosmo's surprise, V then begins to talk and asks him if he has finished the edit. Reluctantly, Cosmo spends another hour working, only to have V once again ask if the video is done. V mentions how Cosmo's friends are waiting for the video to premiere, but Cosmo assures him that it still is going to take some time still. After 45 minutes more of work, Cosmo is exhausted. However when V nags him again, Cosmo states that he is not done, and sarcastically asks what V is going to do about it. V then asks Cosmo to guess the time, to which Cosmo says it's 6:45, only to have V reply 'Time to Die!' and then attack Cosmo.


The film serves as a reflection on the stresses of video editing and dealing with pressure from fans. At the time, Cosmo had been working on episodes 3 and 4 of the Greatest Duel Ever series, and the release of the films was being delayed by time constraints. V's character acts as a representation of the fans who often ask when the release of a film will happen.

V's voice was generated using the text-to-speech software Microsoft Sam, and was intended as a homage to Arby 'n' the Chief.

A special version of the CGSP intro appears before the video, depicting various dolls and a Barbie roadster.