This article is about the character. For the actor, please see Evan O'Connor.
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Evz in Greatest Duel Ever Part 4.

Evz is the protagonist of the Greatest Duel Ever series of films. He is protrayed by Evan O'Connor.

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Evz in a promotional picture with the Timekeeper.


Evz is not given any backstory in the original Greatest Duel Ever episodes. It has been announced that his backstory will be explored in the original episode remakes in 2011.

Greatest Duel EverEdit

When his brother (Ian) is killed by a mysterious assassin, Evz takes up his brother's sword and swears revenge. After killing the Man in Black, the Torchbearer, and the Wrong Man, he teams up with the Timekeeper in order to take down the Collective. To that end he trains for one year under the Bladebearer.