The group reacting to Crazy Fred's return.

Crazy Fred II is a film produced by Steve under his production company, SaltyWorks Productions Ltd. It is the second film in the Crazy Fred film series, and the sequel to Crazy Fred's Car Emporium. The film stars Fred as an eccentric car salesman, who continues to harrass Alaina and Nicole, who were once customers of his.


After Alaina and Nicole purchaced Blue Fury from Crazy Fred's lot, they gathered some of their friends together to attend a 'carwarming' party. Arriving at Tony's house in Blue Fury, the group disembarks only to find that Crazy Fred had followed them. Shocked at his arrival, the whole gorup becomes extremely distraught over Fred's appearance, to the point where Tony had accidentally launched a cooking hamburger into the sky. Crazy Fred informs the group that he is looking to sell some accessories for the car to them, and for that he introduces his associate, Intern 69. Intern 69, who seems to be even more crazy than Crazy Fred himself, comes out and begins attacking the group with various auto accessories. After disposing of Evan and Lauren, Alaina and Nicole attempt to flee from the craziness. As they speed away, Tony's burger lands on the hood of Blue Fury and he retrieves it. The film ends with Blue Fury departing, and Crazy Fred and Intern 69 looking disappointed at their loss.


Crazy Fred - Fredy Abrahante

Intern 69 - Nick Cleary

Alaina - Alaina Albert (herself)

Nicole - Nicole Outellette (herself)

Tony - Tony Adianto (himself)

Evan - Evan O'Connor (himself)

Lauren - Lauren Rhodes (herself)


  • The film makes many referneces to CGSP throughout -
    • The CGSP Intro is parodied before the production logo shows. An alternative take of the 'We do!' line is found at the end of the film.
    • Evan recites his famous line in response to Intern 69's rambling.
    • Alaina and Nicole reference GDE6 when Nicole fails to notice that her keys are in the car's ignition.
  • This film was Tony's, Lauren's, and Nick's first film.
  • The grill which Tony was at was actually cooking the cast's dinner at the time. Steve had to constantly keep checking the food during filming.
  • The film includes many classic Hanna-Barbera sound effects for comedic purposes. A wilhelm scream can also be heard when Evan is shocked by jumper cables.


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