Crazy Fred

Crazy Fred bugging the hell out of Alaina.

Crazy Fred's Car Emporium is a film produced by Steve under his production company SaltyWorks Productions Ltd. The film stars Fred as the eccentric owner of a used car dealership, and features Alaina and Nicole. The film parodies the format and style of TV commercials with frantic pacing and over-enthusiastic announcers.


The commercial is comprised of Crazy Fred energetically advertising his car dealership. Through the course of the ad Fred attempts to persuade a reluctant costumer (Alaina) to make a purchase from his dealership. He first displays a 1980's-era Oldsmobile hard-top, claiming its interior does not smell unappealing, but the costumer declines. He then offers a Toyota Camry with very nice hub caps for the tires. However, the costumer is still not impressed. Growing desperate, Crazy Fred offers up a 2001 Ford Focus SE to the costumer. However, the enraged owner of the car (Nicole) climbs out and sternly declines the sale. The costumer suddenly becomes aroused at the presence of the owner and asks if by purchasing the car she could also have a chance to copulate with the owner. Desperate to make the sale, Crazy Fred agrees. The owner of the car ecstatically beckons the costumer to join her in the back seat to engage in the naughty as Crazy Fred laughs maniacally outside.


The video was filmed within 20 minutes outside of Windsor Locks High School in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. All of the cars featured in the video were owned by various students of the school, with the exception of Blue Fury, which is owned by Nicole. The music that plays in the background is 'The Liberty Bell' march by John Phillip Sousa.

A sequel to Crazy Fred's Car Emporium was produced, called Crazy Fred II.