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This sums up the goals of CGSP.

Conor 'Cosmo' Lynch is the producer and president of Cosmic Gecko Studio Productions. As the director, editor, writer, and creator of CGSP, Cosmo has created over 60 films, with over half of them released publicly. Creating a sort of variety show, his work has encompassed many different genres including documentary, comedy, fantasy, action, horror, and mock films. He also is the founder and an active member of the music group ClockWork: T-Rex and plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and provides vocals. He also loves 1% milk, so make sure your fridge is stocked.

Crab battle

Enough said.

Cosmo is currently seeking a bachelor's degree in arts and film so as to make his movies even more dope, and recently has been awarded an admission into Emerson College up in Boston, Massachusetts.

His catchphrases include sayings such as 'dope', 'champ', 'yyeeyyeeaaahhh!', and his iconic laughter.