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The adventures and what-not of the films of Cosmic Gecko Productions. All of this is CANON AS HELL.

To prevent this from getting retarded, I think a couple of rules need to be set:

- If it hasn't appeared in a CGSP film or related entity, it shouldn't be on here.

- Be elaborate.

- Keep it clean.

- Organize your page into different categories. (avoid making redundant or incredibly stupid categories)

- Feel free to flesh out your own page, though be aware it may be changed to fit the manual of style.

- When filling in an article, add links to other pages.

- Spell-check your work, and try to use proper capitalization and grammar, especially in titles.

- Avoid making articles for undeveloped/planned films and/or topics that do not have much information.

- Try to find a relevant image for your page. If you do not have a camera, just pull something off of Google Images or something. It ain't that hard, and it looks better.

Have fun


This is all canon. All of it. Feel free to add. :D

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