CGSP original logo

The original title.

The CGSP Intro is the title card of Cosmic Gecko Studio Productions and is generally applied to the beginning of any video created by the company. Every intro consists of someone exiting a vehicle and shouting 'Hey, who wants to go on an adventure?!', to which a crowd responds 'We do!'


  • The original intro has Cory exiting his jeep and yelling the phrase, to which Evan, Ian, Goya, and Mike reply. It was filmed in front of Evan's house.
  • The second and current intro features Jordan as the Badass exiting his Jaguar and asking the phrase, to which Tyler, Ian, Steve, Nicole, Brian, Evan, and Fred reply. It was filmed after the filming of The Dead River in front of Steve's house. The intro, filmed in widescreen ratio, was created to replace the original one, which was filmed in 4:3 aspect ratio. Its first appearance was used for Badass.
  • A unique intro appears for Finish the Edit, and was filmed using various dolls and toys. The voices are provided by Microsoft Sam.
  • A stop-motion animated intro has been created by Steve as a tribute to CGSP. The video features a LEGO version of Cosmo driving up and saying the phrase, to which various minifigures (many of which are LEGO versions of pop-culture icons) reply. Cosmo voices himself while Cosmo, Steve, and Tyler provide the crowd voices. The intro is used on any video that is created in collaboration with Steve's production company, SaltyWorks Productions Ltd. It's first use can be seen on Douche With A Labcoat 3.
  • A parody of the intro was made by Steve for Crazy Fred II. Two alternative takes of the 'We do!' line can be seen in the video.


A blooper reel of attempted CGSP intro remakes exists, however none of the takes were ever used for the title card (however the 'hobo' take has been used for humor purposes.)

The video can be viewed here.