Badass smoking his trademark cigar.

This page is about the character. For the film of the same name, see Badass.

Badass is a mysterious mercenary who so far as appeared in only one film, the eponymous Badass. He is portrayed by Jordan Lavin.


As of yet, the backstory of Badass has not been explored. The only thing really known about his backstory is that he had previously encountered Ian's character somehow.

Skills and TraitsEdit

Badass is extremely skilled with all weapons, but he only uses a shotgun in his first appearance. He is usually smoking a large and pungeunt cigar and is prone to spouting off one-liners before fights.


Badass is a largely improvised character, but could be seen as both a parody of and a homage to classic action heroes. In particular Jordan often imitates Murdoc from the A Team while playing Badass.