Badass, with a cigar in his mouth and a shotgun in his hand. Just like God intended.

This article is about the film. For the eponymous character, see Badass (character).

"Seven on one? That hardly seems fair."

- Badass

Badass is a short film directed and edited by Cosmo and starring Jordan in the title role. It was originally released on YouTube on June 13th, 2010.


After the completion of principal photography for the film The Dead River, Jordan began walking around with his jacket on, smoking his cigar and looking badass. Cosmo began rolling camera and what would become Badass was improvised on the spot by the assembled actors. This could be seen as an intentional throwback to the days when all of CGSP's movies were unscripted and wholly improvised.


A mysterious gunman (Jordan) is confronted by a masked gangster (Ian) whom he has apparently crossed paths with before. The gunman (henceforth Badass) taunts the gangster, despite being vastly outnumbered. The enraged gangster orders his henchmen to attack. Badass kills all of the bad guys with his shotgun, only to be killed by a blade of grass across the throat.

Yeah, I'm not sure what we were thinking either.


Cosmo and Jordan have discussed the idea of a Badass sequel with much enthusiasm, with possible plans for doing a crossover between Badass and another series. Unfortunately scheduling has made it impossible due to Jordan's attendance of The Citadel and his Knob Year in the SCCC (South Carolina Corps of Cadets). It may be possible at the end of the Fall 2010 semester, but a Badass sequel is much more likely during the summer of 2011.